In 2013, Emmanuel Rabell and Michel Fischman founded Bureau de Juegos as the first “modern boardgame” company in Argentina.

Working from our houses in what can only be described as the boardgame equivalent of a “garage band”, we translated, printed, assembled, distributed and sometimes even created from scratch all of our games through many years of political and economical tribulations. In the next years we released some smashing successes such as our Adult party games line (We Didn’t Playtest This At All, Say My Name, and HDP, etc.) and great international games (Such as Munchkin, King of Tokyo, Takenoko, etc.)

Since 2019 we became Buró and opened offices in both Brazil and Spain in order to better represent and distribute both our partners and our own games.

This is how we roll


Being from Argentina taught us how to be ready for surprises. We are set to provide tailored conditions, creative solutions and out of the box thinking whenever those are needed.

Long Term Partnership
We still work with most of our partners from our early days with great success. We look for partners who wish to build not only short term value, but long term as well.
Reach Harder Regions
South America is an especially hard to reach region, as politics and laws are quickly shifting. We provide a 360º solution to this by both representing your brand here and getting the best games from here to you!
We Are Team Players
We love what we do and enjoy adding value to all our projects. We created promotional material, micro expansions and even big expansions for several of the companies that work with us. We also helped each other by expanding our contact network, offering feedback on new games and co-creating marketing strategies.

Our Partners